The Reason for this Season

Don't let yourself get lost in the holiday chaos.
There are holiday decorations everywhere. People are shopping and baking and cooking. They are gathering and singing and shopping and everyone is hustling around. Everything is busy and some people even seem happy. But all of this seems foreign for some reason. It seems like the true meaning of these holidays is lost in all of the festivities. What is the meaning of this season? That is different for different people. For some it is family, others it is a vacation. So many people celebrating in one way or another, but there has to be one reason. For you, it is one reason. The reason is you.


You have been suffering for so long. It used to be fun to go out with friends, to get buzzed, or even to get wasted. Or maybe it was the pain pills, you took them as prescribed, then you took them a little more. But after a while, you did it because it didn’t feel good anymore, and you tried desperately to get those feelings back.

But the more you used, the more you were compelled to use, and none of it was fun anymore. It wasn’t about the pain or the pleasure, you just did it so that you didn’t feel sick. Maybe you tried other drugs, maybe at the same time. Seeking that feeling again, but it never came again. 

You lost control of the substances, you lost control of your life. You did things that you weren’t proud of, you did things that hurt other people that you loved. You did things that weren’t legal. You were lost. A slave to substance, a body without a master.

It might feel like all hope is lost. But it is not. You are never completely lost. You just need to be found. You just need to find… you.

Inside you, there are still all of the things that make you wonderful and unique. From hobbies you had as a child to the smile that makes everyone else smile. Maybe you can’t see them, because you have become addicted. Maybe no one else can see them, either, but they are there. And amongst all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, nothing is more important than you.


You have the chance, today. Right now. The chance to change your fate completely, to change the lives of the people around you for the better. The Bridge NYC is here to help.They know how wonderful you are inside. They can help you sort out where the substance stops and you begin.

Instead of trying to make that perfect gift list, why not do the best thing for you? Contact The Bridge NYC right now about starting your treatment. Starting your recovery is the best gift that you could give to anyone.


You cleanse your body of the substances, but then you do the work to find out why you turned to substances in the first place. This reduces the withdrawals and compulsion to use substances again and allows you to live in the present instead of the past.

One of the most powerful gifts you can give to yourself this season is the gift of a higher power. The relief when we admit that we are powerless in our addictions and turn everything over to our higher power lifts such a burden from us. We learn to communicate with and rely on that higher power, and it allows us to live and move more freely.

When you have cleared your body of our substances and worked through the beginning of your treatment, you will become more aware of your body again. You remember to breathe again, to feel the air on your skin like you haven’t in so long. You can truly feel everything, whether it is tangible or emotional. You can really feel again.

As you become more aware of your body, you become more aware of those around you. You can make amends to the people in your life whom you have hurt, and the difference will be that this time, you won’t do it again. You are changing, leaving behind those old ways, and becoming your very best self.

So why all of the celebration this season? Because of you. You are the reason to celebrate this season. Your life. Your freedom from addiction. Your recovery, and becoming the best version of you that you can be. It will take time, it will take work. But this year, you are the best gift you can give to yourself, and to your loved ones. Contact The Bridge NYC right now. They will help you have the most memorable holiday ever. Because you are the reason for this season. 

The Bridge NYC is a boutique luxury sober living facility for men seeking a concierge experience to balance outpatient programs, school, or work-life resulting in a sustainable, lasting recovery. Call  (646) 928 0085 today for more information about admissions or The Clean Fun Network. 

Start the journey today.

We’re looking forward to having you at The Bridge NYC.

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