The first step ...

What does affordable, accessible support look like? It’s connecting with others who are going through similar challenges in life as you and knowing you’re not alone. It’s finding guidance from experienced professionals who don’t have a vested interest in your decisions and instead only want to help. It’s building relationships with people around the country and around the world who get you, who are rooting for your success, and so much more.

Innovia Behavioral Health has proudly partnered with The Bridge NYC to offer unlimited access to a wide variety of educational, experiential, and therapeutic support groups.
All groups are led by live facilitators who are experienced in their fields and include peer support specialists, coaches, counselors, therapists and doctorate-level experts.
For only $99 per month, you can attend as many applicable groups each month as you like for ongoing connection and support for recovery and beyond!

"I’m so happy I found [this group]. I could not have found it at a better time in my life. With trying to juggle my professional career, personal life, and everything in between, I was looking for a space to be heard and discover techniques to cope better with life." - M.T.