Our Own Renovation

Just like building a new structure, recovery takes time and perseverance.
We have all seen buildings go through renovations. Sometimes the work is minimal and goes very quickly. Other times, buildings are taken down to their skeletons, leaving only the framework and plumbing in place, and then built back into entirely new buildings that are a much-improved version. That takes much longer. It is a long and painstaking task, even more work than just building a new building. This is what recovery is like for us. We have spent our lives thinking certain ways and responding in certain ways, and now we have been torn down to our core. Recovery is not just a quick cosmetic rebuild, simply removing the substances from our lives. It is about rebuilding our lives and re-learning how to think, live, and respond to the stimuli in our lives. It is a renovation that takes time, but with patience and perseverance, it will be better than a new building.

Tearing Down Walls

Recovery is more than just getting sober. That is obviously very important but is more of a cosmetic procedure. In recovery, we have to find why we abused our substances. We have to dig deep and look at our pain and face the reasons that we seek to escape our lives and numb our pain. We have to tear walls down before we can heal.

We learn to tear down the emotional walls that we built up to try to protect us. To remove the thinking that we needed substances to be able to function with our pain. When we take away the substances, it is just cosmetic. But when we learn to face our past and our pain without substances, we are truly tearing down walls.

Solid Foundations

Whether we have either demolished our own lives or demolished our active addiction lives in treatment (or perhaps a little of both,) we are wise to check our foundations. We want to make sure that we get this renovation right, so we need to find a higher power that works for us. 

We need to check our foundations for any cracks or flaws by being completely honest – with God, with our process, and especially with ourselves. It is not until we have completely torn ourselves down to the foundation that we can truly start to rebuild. 

A renovation with a faulty foundation would spell disaster for a building, it would make all of the effort in vain. This is true of our lives as well. We need to be sure that we do this right. So we need to be sure that we dig deep and give ourselves the proper spiritual foundation to rebuild our lives.


Once we have our foundation, we need to look for the weak spots in our framework. What are the other habits we need to change? Do we fill our minds with negative thinking? Do we blame others? We need to look at everything and make structural changes in our thinking.

We can reinforce the buildings of our lives by spending time in groups and in therapy truly learning about changing our minds and our behaviors. This is the perfect opportunity to really take our weaknesses and start turning them into strengths. We have to be patient, it takes time. But when we reinforce by replacing our old thoughts and behaviors with new ones, we are able to start seeing our new selves take shape.

Rebuilding the Interior

As our foundation is in place and the framework reinforced, we need to be mindful rebuilding the interior. Nutrition is so important in recovery. Our bodies have taken a beating when we have abused substances, and so it becomes crucial for us to eat properly. This also takes time, to replace old habits and learn new ones that will support our physical health.

A Solid Exterior

The exterior of a building fortifies it from the elements, so our fitness helps to fortify us as well. Exercise actually serves so many purposes. In addition to the physical benefits of strengthening muscles, increasing our cardiovascular, and changing our heart rate, it also makes us feel good emotionally. As an added benefit, it keeps us busy, so if we exercise regularly, those are set periods of time that we have positive activities and structure. That will help to make us weather-tight as the storms of life rain down on us.


While there are things contractors do to finish a project, recovery differs in that it is something that is never truly finished. We are always in the process of finishing. Each day brings a new opportunity for us to look at the buildings of our lives and work on finishing touches.

Every day brings chances to show our strength and resilience against temptation. We are like that renovation project that just keeps improving, every day. There may be setbacks, just like in construction. However, just like in construction, we can repair and rebuild and improve every single day.

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