Online Tools to Keep You on Track

Technology offers endless possibilities for us to make connections with people all over the world. Certain health-related apps can also help us stay on track with our sobriety.
It’s been said before that social support can greatly increase our chances of success in sobriety, and having people to regularly communicate with about our addiction recovery can open up several passageways to healing and transformation. In many cases, connecting with other people can bring us a bountiful amount of joy and hope for the future - and even if it’s not always in person, online connections can make a world of difference, too.

With an increase in technology over the past decade, it’s easier than ever before to connect with people who are right within your neighborhood, or even across the world. There are thousands upon thousands of health-related apps that can be used, which are not only grounds for meeting others who are pursuing recovery but also provide tools for tracking and examining one’s own progress to reaching their recovery goals. One of the most crucial aspects of sobriety is building connections with others – and while this can be done in a variety of ways, such as through 12-Step programs or other meetings,  and in-person therapy, sometimes meeting others online can be an additional boost to what we’re working towards.

Once work settles in, hobbies take place, family life takes over, career aspirations begin settling in and more, it can become harder to set aside time. Whereas some people in recovery may battle “unhealthy isolation”, others can break this gap by getting to know people in post-treatment recovery groups as well as through online databases. 

If you’re looking for some excellent addiction recovery apps, the following should be considered:

  1. Twenty-Four Hours a Day: This app does cost $5.99, but provides daily meditations and allows you to save as well as to go back to the ones you like later on
  2. AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker: Costing $3.49 per item, this app includes a blood alcohol content (BAC) calculator and helps individuals track their alcohol consumption.
  3. 12-Steps Companion: Considered one of the most comprehensive sobriety tools available, this app features a Big Book reader, a search tool, a sobriety database and more.
  4. I Am Sober: People who are recovering can track and manage their sobriety milestones, which is great in seeing how far one’s come in recovery thus far 

Previous studies have found that those in addiction recovery have a preference for wanting to use a relapse prevention app on their phone. In fact, many individuals believe these apps – like the ones shown above - are incredibly supportive in receiving information and tools that cover addiction recovery or to help prevent relapse altogether. Online support groups are also found to be favored amongst those in recovery, especially through a Facebook support group, through text messages sent every day or through an app on the phone. 

There is another app that’s been created called “Sober Grid” which was built by a man who wanted to enhance connections for those in addiction recovery. The creator of the app understood just how difficult it could be for those in recovery to find a strong group for support - and so in addition to attending 12-Step, Refuge, SMART, and other recovery-related in-person meetings, individuals can benefit from apps such as this to propel them on their recovery journey. In fact, apps like this are incredibly important and when a need is recognized – such as the fact that, for many people who are reaching out for sobriety, it becomes hard to connect with people sometimes whether it be out of anxiety, mental illness, or a lack of resources – certain apps and web applications can be incredibly beneficial to a person’s success in recovery even after treatment has ended.

Even for people who may be shy or afraid to step out into the social networking world, addiction recovery apps can boost a person’s confidence by allowing them to “dip their toes” in getting to know other people. 

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