Succeeding After Treatment: What Every Alumni Needs

Treatment is the only beginning of your recovery journey. Look forward to your next adventure.
If you’ve recently completed a treatment program at The Bridge NYC, you should be incredibly proud. You’ve made it through the ropes – you’ve worked hard towards your own recovery journey, and you’ve likely helped others in their recovery as well. Now that you’ve completed the program, there is hope that you’ll be able to continue working diligently towards your recovery in a more independent way of living – and, even though you’re no longer part of a formal treatment program, you still have an entire team of people who care about your health and wellbeing. As you probably know, this isn’t the end – in fact, it’s just the beginning.

Recognizing How Far You’ve Come


Your program has provided you with so many tools to succeed. As a person who has probably been working diligently in therapy, 12-Step programs, and spiritual wellness, you’ve likely gained a lot of tools that will lend well to navigating daily life. In fact, you’ve probably received a lot of assistance, such as:


·    Greater preparation for job placement and career readiness

·    Reinforcement of tools which you can use on a daily basis

·    Support for going back to school

·    A strong support network whom you can still rely on


As alumni, you likely are much stronger now than where you were when you first walked in the door. Before, you weren’t quite sure where your path would lead you – you probably felt scared, alone, and upset at the troubled circumstances you may have been placed in before. We can’t always predict the challenges that will come our way, and there are always new lessons to be learned. However, you’re probably much more capable now of dealing with these changes. You’re stronger, wiser, and more resilient. You’re still learning, as always – but you have more tools and resources now than you ever did before, and that probably feels amazing.


Staying Strong On Your Own


No matter where you feel you’re at in your personal journey to recovery, it’s important to maintain these 5 things:


  1. Support – although you’re “on your own” in a sense, you still have a group of people who would love to stay in touch with you. Don’t cut these ties, because they can and most likely will serve as true friendships for the rest of your life!
  2. Stay Involved – don’t just fade away from the recovery scene. Continue serving your community and participating in events that speak to a cause you’re passionate about. Use your voice to improve issues in your area. Don’t stop being a participant in society.
  3. Give Back – become a 12-Step sponsor. Donate your time to a local animal shelter. Find ways to help your neighbor, because this is what can propel you to continue pursuing your passion and purpose in life.
  4. Activities – just as you did in your treatment program, continue reading books and trying new activities that bring you life. Discover what your hobbies are, and build upon them.
  5. Structure – everyone needs structure – even those who’ve been working towards recovery for several years can find some wonderful benefits associated with a structured eating and sleeping schedule. Don’t forget to do this!


In the past, previous studies and researchers have explored the connection between substance abuse and how it affects the brain; they’ve revealed that addiction stimulates the reward center in our brain, which causes us to become less stimulated by what are naturally pleasant events otherwise. Recovery – and life after treatment – is about building a life that naturally pleases you rather than gives you that fake “high”. As you continue working towards this, even on your own, you’ll find that life becomes more enriching than you ever thought possible.


Use Your Tools


Take time to pray and meditation, especially as these both can help you to stay grounded through difficult times. Look around you, and key into your surroundings. Tune into your mind and body and recognize signs that you need some self-care. Make sure that you set aside time each day to do things that you’re passionate about, including spending time with friends and family, reading good books, getting creative and building projects, and so much more.


Eat healthy foods, especially since this will continue to help your mind, body and spirit function optimally. Get a gym membership if you can, or at least go for a few short walks around your neighborhood or local park. Exercise is going to help keep your mind, body, and spirit physically fit, which means that you’ll be more easily able to work through distressing situations because you’ll be stronger and more confident in your capabilities to handle life’s events.


The Bridge NYC is a boutique luxury sober living facility for men seeking a concierge experience to balance outpatient programs, school, or work-life resulting in a sustainable, lasting recovery. Call  (646) 928 0085 today for more information about admissions or The Clean Fun Network.

Start the journey today.

We’re looking forward to having you at The Bridge NYC.

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